Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Band Together

Band of Outsiders must have reading this here little blog, and because of it changed there minds just for me! (at least thats what I tell myself as I swoon) They defiantly suited it up for their 2012 pre-fall collection. Please reflect. Then read on!


Each jacket is cut at the perfect waist length, worn without pants it would be decidedly riskii, which in the summer is a must do because when your sweating your balls off you can still blaze a trail in that hot weather, and that is good busiiness, but this is fall and talking about summer is torture for us all.

The suit to the middle, if it happens to be made out of velvet (i was to jazzed to post about it to find out, so if you know let me know) i will likely jizz in my (busiiness) pants then proceed to find a way out of them and in to that suit, an                        

This makes everything about my last post seem ironic in the best way ever! Yay girls in suits that say boy. Take charge girl take charge! 

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Finally i have to make comment to this buttoned up Note: all the way up, and leather skirt duo, you should always consider them your basic elements needed when putting together that strange suit we all love to wear. now go find a jacket with glitter and feathers and call it all your own. And don't forget next time you wear a button up, which you will, button them all up because nothing takes a basic like buttons (and feather and glitter) to make it riskii. 

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