Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Men in Suits

We have all seen them, that herd of men in a navy, black, or gray Italian made suits... and at that moment you want one, just ONE to break from the pack and... no no wait a minute thats not my point exactly, my point is well suits can equal... men in suits can equal... busiiness, which can be... riskii, riskii and business make... riskii busiiness! Ah HA thats the point, to write a first post that makes you, my now favorite reader, think i took all this time to come up with a crafty pun of a post, becauseIamnotlikeotherblogs, and i don't have a blogging complex. All this aside welcome you lucky reader you, to the riskiiest blog you will click to of all.

Because I am more intelligent then my first impressions often seem to give forward, I have also included the best of my right brain, or is it left?

                                                                               (Chuck Bass via google images)

No man (fiction anyway) have i laid (eyes...eyes people) on that can do a suit like Chuck Bass. Edward Westwick has made a suit exactly what this post isn't about... go a head I'll give you a minute. Okay so his t.v show may not be in full throttle anymore, but that is no reason a Bass would cry, Chuck Bass in a suit will always be good material, even after his show (I name no name, but to clarify I still remain a loyal viewer, I just happen to be observant) is no longer prime cloth.

So if you did not already know the suit WILL NEVER GO AWAY, and as one who is religiously adorned in a tailored jacket, and sometimes matching pant or skirt, i know, and now you do to, yay we learned something on day 1. The very fact that i live in an age in which as a girl, i get to wear a suit over dress if i so care to dare, which i do a lot, i am sure this has left me with far fewer anger issues, thank you coco. But what i don't get, often as i try, is why a man will ALWAYS look better in those italian fabrics, even more then ME? So in leu of the suit and all that it is, tailored, detailed, strong, demure, polished, and often found at the nights end disheveled (what i thought i was talking about suits, not me?) do your busiiness, then get riskii.

Although I may not beat out the hot bodies in those navy's, grey's, and black's one thing I can do better, and prefer to do better is a monochromatic look, because nothing says look at me like red-hot stick of dynamite.

                                                            (Women in suits via

Two more reasons I and suits rock together and you you would rock too, if you wear a suit, These arguably win against Italian fabrics well, ALWAYs, not that we (ahem i mean me) is keeping score or anything because well how can I? I wear strange suits well and Chuck wears Suit. Period.

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